ycca組長 Name: Chih-Chiang Yang
Position: Supervisor, System and Network Division, Computer Center
Ext: 1661
Duties: Overseeing the work of System and Network Administration Division.
Server maintenance、Network maintenance of Administration Building、ISMS audit
Dormitory Network management.
niscom Name: Ying-Chieh Wu
Position: Engineer
Ext: 1660
Duties: Firewall Management、Proxy Management、Wireless Network management、Server maintenance 、E-mail platform
Network maintenance of College Of Design And Arts Building、Network Bandwitch Management
Industry- Academia Collaboration Building
tarng Name: Ching-Tang Hsieh
Position: Engineer
Ext: 1666
Duties: Network maintenance of Activity Center、
Campus Licensed software management、Computer repair and consulting services
College Of Engineering Building
Management and maintenance of computer classrooms
Training and management of work-study students
tarng Name: Huang-Ting Wu
Position: Engineer
Ext: 1659
Duties: Server and network maintenance of Library
-College Of Foreign Language Building
-College Of Management Building
-Biotechnology Building